Joseph Francis Peter Aloysius Clarke (thechangingman) wrote in psychogeography,
Joseph Francis Peter Aloysius Clarke

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Maybe swim a mile down the Nile

Some places are special. Some places resonate. Some places are cool. Some places are just special.


Just as there are three way people get to greatness so there are three ways places get to specialness.


Some places are born special. The Grand Canyon, Capadocia, deserts.


Some places achieve specialness through years, decades, centuries of being made special. The Pyramids, Wayland’s Smithy, cities.


And some places have specialness thrust upon them. An event, cataclysmic or euphoric, marks it out. The Somme, Woodstock, parks.


Parks? Parks! Well do you know how hard it is to think of places that are special because of euphoria? Euphoria doesn’t even sound like a real word.


Anybody out there have any suggestions?

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